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My name is Michael and my lovely wife is Carolyn. We make up the M and the C in MC Ranch Overland. Then there is Sam, my dear friend and business partner. A sculptor metaphorically speaking of meaningful relationships, both in business and friendship. Where integrity, subtlety and elegance always shine through.

We believe the love, connections and community that are formed throughout our lifetime are our most precious assets, where true value shines through. As human beings we are privileged in having the ability to nurture and cultivate relationships with family, friends and total strangers.

We’re also able to extend this to all our animal friends and the environment. Without these connections, due to their busy schedules people’s values may become distorted, and their lives may lack fulfilment. Creating a caring community through connection needs to be more of a focus in all of our lives. Believing we all have to make time to set the theatrical stage, and arrange the arena of engagement, so these perishable skills can be re-ignited. Where true values can be galvanized in our souls and spirit.

Our dream of creating community and connection seems to be a common thread with us Overlanders. We at MC Ranch Overland would like to do our part by creating the arena behind our “Original Fire Reflector”. Where we all can build community, share stories and embrace moments and make memories, one campfire at a time. Where being in the service of others is tangible and palpable. Let’s all go forward together and leave this world a little better than we found it.

This is our Brand. “MC Ranch Overland”.

What’s yours? Share your story with us.”