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Unparalleled Warmth, Unparalleled Design

The Original, Patended Fire Reflector – there’s only one way to feel this good outdoors.

First on the Trail, First in Innovation

The Original Fire Reflector with Canadian and U.S. Patents.

The Patented Excellence of The Original Fire Reflector

Our Values and The Original Fire Reflector

We believe in Connection and Community, which are values that rest at the core of everything we do. Community, quality and transparent communication guide how we behave and maintain relationships, to how we develop and refine products. This principle created The Original Fire Reflector.

This is a premium product, well executed and developed by listening to what the Overland community wanted. No compromises. Made in North America. Patented in Canada & the US. As a result we have created a new Product Category. We are the leaders in the field and we benefit from the leading influencers and opinion formers in the Overlanding Community supporting us.

Crafting a New Product Category

The creation of The Original Fire Reflector didn’t just enhance outdoor experiences; it pioneered a new product category altogether. MC Ranch Overland, through innovation, has established itself as a sign of ingenuity and quality within the Overlanding community. The journey to creating this new product category began with a keen ear to the ground, understanding the needs and wants of the outdoor community. This new category not only fulfills a need but also sets a high standard of quality and functionality, which other products are yet to match. Our leadership in this new product category demonstrates our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and the Overland community’s continual engagement. As we continue to lead, we also foster a culture of openness, where feedback from the community helps in refining and potentially expanding our product categories, further enriching the outdoor experience. Through this, we fortify the cycle of innovation and community engagement, ensuring that the essence of connection and community remains interwoven with the products we create.

Our Patented Legacy

The Original Fire Reflector, a product that epitomizes our no-compromise approach to delivering unparalleled warmth and design. Our innovative spirit is encapsulated in our patents, a testament to our originality and dedication to elevating outdoor experiences. Below are the details of our current patents:

Canadian Patent

US Patent

This patent encapsulates the unique utility features of the Original Fire Reflector, marking our commitment to providing robust and functional solutions to the Overlanding community.

Canadian Patent number CDN 3057660 titled “HEAT REFLECTIVE APPARATUS” on the Canadian Patents Database. Canadian Patent (Utility) – CDN 3057660

Our design patent underscores the distinctive aesthetics of the Original Fire Reflector, while the utility aspect of the patent highlights its functional efficacy. The dual patent solidifies our product’s position as a true leader in the outdoor space.

The details of the patent US 11506392 titled “Heat reflective apparatus” on Justia Patents through this link​. US Patent (Design & Utility) – US 11506392

Our patents not only demonstrate our technical prowess but also underline our desire to remain at the forefront of innovation, providing our community with products that stand a class apart in form, function, and above all else: user experience.

Navigating Patent Databases

You can look up Canadian patents on the Canadian Patents Database on the official website of the Government of Canada: Canadian Patents Database​.

For US patents, you can use the search tool provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on their official website: USPTO Patent Search​.

Understanding Patent Types

A Utility Patent is aimed at protecting the functionality of a particular invention:


  • Utility patents cover the functionality of a product, process, software, or machine
  • They protect the way an article is used and works. To obtain a utility patent, an inventor must file an application setting forth certain property claims to be examined​
  • They legally protect what a single invention does, how it is used, and how it works. Essentially, utility patents protect the detailed function of a product​
  • They are a form of intellectual property protection for new inventions, processes, machines, compositions of matter, or articles of manufacture that perform a new and useful function​mentation or coloration of an invention or creative work, protecting the form of a product​
Reflector Rendering - Design Image
On the other hand, a Design Patent is focused on protecting the aesthetic or ornamental aspects of an invention:


  • Design patents protect only the appearance of an article and not its structural or utilitarian features​
  • They are granted for the ornamental design of an article of manufacture, covering objects like jewelry, furniture, beverage containers, and computer icons​
  • They protect the way a manufactured product looks but not the way it works or how it’s structured, enabling businesses to protect their intellectual property rights over an original design​
  • They are granted for new and non-obvious ornamental designs for articles of manufacture, solely protecting the appearance of an article, not its structural or functional features​
  • Design patents legally protect the shape, configuration, and any specific ornamentation or coloration of an invention or creative work, protecting the form of a product​

FAQs: Our Patented Innovations and General Patent Inquiries


What is the significance of a patent?
Patents provide a form of legal protection to inventors, allowing them to protect their innovations from being used or replicated by others without permission.
Where can I search for Canadian patents?
Canadian Patents Database (CPD):

  • This is the official database provided by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). It allows you to perform basic searches and access patent documents from 1869 to present.

CIPO’s Patent Database:

  • The database on the official website of the Government of Canada is another reliable source to look up Canadian patents.

Open Government, Government of Canada:

  • This database provides access to patent descriptions and images, covering over 93 years of patent data.


  • On this platform, you can search for trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, and other goods and services in Canada.

Google Patents:

  • It’s a user-friendly platform that also includes Canadian patents among patents from other countries.

For official and comprehensive information, utilizing the databases provided by the Canadian government would be the most reliable approach.

Where can I search for US patents?
USPTO’s Patent Full-Text and Image Database (PatFT):

  • This database provides full text of US patents issued from 1976 onwards, and PDF images for all patents from 1790 to the present.

USPTO’s Public Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR):

  • This system allows you to access the status and documents of patent applications, providing both published and unpublished applications.

Google Patents:

  • An easily accessible platform to search for US patents. It provides a user-friendly interface and includes patents from other countries as well.

Justia Patents:

  • This is a third-party database that provides a free search of US patents and patent applications.

PatentScope by WIPO:

  • While it’s an international database, it includes US patents and allows for an extensive search with various filters.

For official and comprehensive information, the USPTO’s databases would be the most reliable sources.

Why would we patent our product?
Patenting the Original Fire Reflector is a testament to our enduring commitment to quality, originality, and professionalism. This dedication not only elevates our reputation among our cherished customers and respected peers, but also echoes our core values within the broader Overlanding community.

The assurance of patent protection nurtures a thriving culture of innovation within our collaborative community. It’s a promise that every novel idea, born from the spirit of engagement and collective brainstorming, will be valued and protected, fueling a continual journey of creative exploration and advancement.

Our pursuit of patenting underscores our serious intent to deliver exceptional value and craft meaningful solutions. It’s a clear message that our brand is wholeheartedly invested in not just meeting the needs of the community, but in pioneering products that enhance the collective outdoor experience, fostering deeper connections with every expedition.

Patents provide legal protection preventing others from making, using, selling, or offering our invention for sale without permission.

How long does the patenting process take?
The process can take several years, typically 2 to 3 years, but may be longer based on complexity and other factors.
How difficult is it to get a patent?
It can be challenging, requiring a thorough, patentable invention, a well-prepared application, and potentially, overcoming objections from a patent examiner.
How long do patents last?
Generally, utility patents last 20 years from the filing date, and design patents last 15 years from the grant date.
What is an international patent?
There’s no international patent, but you can apply for patent protection in multiple countries.
What is the difference between a patent and a trademark?
A patent protects an invention, while a trademark protects brand identity like names, logos, or slogans.
What happens if a patent expires?
Once a patent expires, the invention enters the public domain, and anyone can use, make, or sell the invention without permission.
What's the importance of having both Canadian and US patents for the Original Fire Reflector?
Having patents in both countries provides broader exclusivity in North America.
What does the phrase “Creating a new product category” imply?

It implies innovation and leadership in developing a unique product that pioneers a new category in the market.

How can I contact MC Ranch Overland for inquiries regarding their patents?