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Mike Offerhaus
Sam Devlin
Rolf Skala
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Our Team

Meet the MC Ranch Team! We are the heart and soul behind the revolution in the fire ecosphere, proudly owning our space with innovation, community, and experience at our core. Fueled by our passion and united by the connection you experience, we are “All Fired Up” and dedicated individuals committed to bringing high-quality, bespoke products to those who share our love for the great outdoors.

We don’t just create products; we craft experiences. Our journey is driven by a desire to connect with the eternal human need for community. Through our community, we bring together outdoor enthusiasts, overlanders, and nature lovers, fostering an environment where warmth and light enhance not just our physical space, but our emotional well-being too.

Join us as we introduce the faces behind MC Ranch. We’re real people with a real passion for great work and great experiences. We’re here to share stories, ignite passions, and invite you into our community. Because at MC Ranch, it’s not just about the fire—it’s about the warmth and connections that last a lifetime. Let’s get all fired up together!

The Founders


Sam Devlin

Chairman & Founder

Chairman by day, construction maestro by twilight, Sam Devlin is the linchpin of MC Ranch Overland’s visionary expansion. With a proven track record that reads like a blueprint for success, Sam’s forte lies in crafting premier design-build solutions. He brings to the table a wealth of experience from Rain City Industrial, where he hammers out innovative workspaces, and Fusion Projects, where his role as Principal and Vice President saw him managing the construction of top-tier commercial interiors.

Sam’s leadership mantra is simple yet profound: a passionate team, dedicated to exceptional service, can construct not just buildings, but legacies. He’s not just the Chairman of MC Ranch Overland; he’s the architect of its future, fostering a culture of commitment and co-creation.

The art of public speaking? Another notch on Sam’s belt, showcased during his tenure as Master of Ceremonies and Conference Chairman for District 21 Toastmasters. His voice has guided many through conferences, just as his leadership steers MC Ranch Overland toward new horizons.

Education is the foundation on which he builds, grounded in Architectural Design & Project Management from Ryerson University. A toast to Sam, our founder and forever forward-thinking chairman.


Mike Offerhaus

Founder & Visionary

Meet Mike Offerhaus, the ‘M’ of MC Ranch Overland, where the ‘C’ is not just for Carolyn, his beloved, but also for the creativity and connections that fuel their journey. Together with Sam, his esteemed friend and co-founder, Mike sculpts a world where relationships are art forms, and integrity is the brushstroke of choice.

His ethos is clear: life is about the connections we make, the community we build, and the environment we cherish. Mike understands that in the rush of life, values can become blurred, but at MC Ranch Overland, he’s setting the stage for a grand renaissance of connection and camaraderie, one campfire at a time.

As the Product Innovation Chief, Mike is the mastermind behind the “Original Fire Reflector,” a symbol of communal warmth and shared narratives. He’s not just creating products; he’s crafting experiences that ignite souls and spirit alike.

Mike’s narrative intertwines business acumen with a deep-seated love for overlanding, a testament to the path he and his team have traversed. At MC Ranch Overland, the mission is simple yet profound: to leave the world a little better, one campfire, one conversation, one connection at a time.

Our Strategists


Rolf Skala

Chief Executive Officer

As MC Ranch Overland’s CEO and a true Branding Maverick, Rolf Skala doesn’t just walk the talk—he blazes the trail for others to follow. With a keen eye for what makes people tick, Rolf masterfully weaves together the strands of human connection to craft brand stories that resonate and inspire. He’s not just in the business of creating identities; he’s in the art of invoking experiences.

The strategist behind the evocative brand narratives that drive consumer engagement, Rolf has spearheaded campaigns in a kaleidoscope of industries from Food & Beverage to Automotive and EduTec. He’s the maestro of messaging, turning complex concepts into captivating campaigns with a stint in Aquaculture and Construction, not to mention his enviable track record with Start-Ups and B2B juggernauts. With a career that spans continents, his expertise in both agency and client-side operations has seen the successful implementation of brand and trade strategies across Europe and North America.

Currently, Rolf is the strategic partner and acting CEO of MC Ranch Overland, where he has been pivotal in securing US & Canadian patents for the company’s innovative fire reflector. His magic touch in branding and strategy articulation shines at coast + jam, where he helps brands tell their stories through short, compelling films. At intersection brand, Rolf’s philosophy is that inspired stories are the crossroads where people, culture, technology, and products meet to kindle transformative change.

Roots of Ingenuity: A proud alumnus of The University of Edinburgh, Rolf’s academic journey in History & Sociology has equipped him with a profound understanding of societal trends and the human psyche, further enriching his work in branding.


Leland Dieno

Chief Technical Officer

Leland Dieno is a seasoned tech and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience. As the founder of Dieno Digital Marketing, he has played a pivotal role in supporting major Canadian brands and innovative startups. With a background in marketing technology for leading organizations’ digital strategies, including Canada’s largest grocery retailer, a Canadian University, and one of Canada’s fastest-growing Marketing Agencies, Leland Dieno is well-versed in digital marketing’s transformative power.

In addition to his extensive marketing expertise, Leland is passionately dedicated to the field of technical infrastructure and managing complex environments for businesses that utilize cloud technology, e-commerce, and integrations. His deep knowledge in this area has been instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of various organizations.

Furthermore, Leland Dieno is the founder of Dieno Educare, a registered Canadian charity dedicated to early childhood education and marginalized community support. His commitment to nonprofits extends to working with charities of all sizes through his boutique marketing agency. Leland regularly donates his time to these causes, providing invaluable assistance with digital infrastructure and strategy, ensuring they can make a lasting impact on their missions.


Katilin Robertson

Chief Experience Officer

Meet Katilin Robertson, our Chief Experience Officer – a rebel in the corporate wilderness whose career path to MC Ranch Overland reads like an adventure novel. Katilin ‘s story isn’t just about climbing the ladder; it’s a journey of transformation, both personal and professional.

In Previous roles, Katilin  became the ‘Chaos Tamer.’ She turned systems from beastly messes into purring cats – and let’s not forget the time she led the team to a victory dance with record-breaking sales. The business world may not have been ready for her BI portal brainchild at Nature’s Expression, which turned days of data digging into a delightful dash. Her spell at business development had her conjuring up a Centre of Excellence that wasn’t just excellent – it was extraordinary. Katilin ‘s marketing magic not only boosted online revenue but also brought over a thousand new products to life, each launch sprinkled with her special brand of sparkle.

Before joining us, Katilin played a pivotal role at Devon Energy. There, she was part sleuth, part strategist, unravelling the complexities of a monumental asset sale. She didn’t just improve the IT landscape – she transformed it, and in the process, turned the tide on employee turnover.

Now, at MC Ranch Overland, Katilin ‘s rich tapestry of experiences has found a new canvas. Here, she’s less about the corporate jargon and more about creating experiences that resonate. She’s the trail guide leading us to new horizons, always with a twinkle in her eye and a strategy up her sleeve.