Review of the Camco Little Red Campfire

Sam, partner and founder of MC Ranch Overland reviews Camco’s Little Red Campfire and tests it out with The Original Fire Reflector in British Columbia, Canada.

At MC Ranch Overland, the spirit of adventure is ingrained in our DNA, and we are constantly on the lookout for products that elevate the overlanding experience. Our co-founder, Sam, recently took the time to review Camco’s Little Red Campfire, a portable propane-powered marvel designed to bring the warmth and charm of a campfire wherever the journey takes you. In the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, Sam put the Little Red Campfire through its paces, highlighting its convenience and mess-free operation. What truly set our hearts ablaze with excitement was the seamless integration of this innovative campfire with our very own product, “The Original Fire Reflector.”

The synergy between the Little Red Campfire and The Original Fire Reflector resulted in an ultimate campfire experience. The compact yet powerful design of the Little Red Campfire, with its realistic log piece and 9-1/2″ diameter ring burner, effortlessly combined with the reflective prowess of The Original Fire Reflector, creating an ambiance that mirrored the charm of traditional wood-burning fires. Sam’s review not only showcased the convenience and safety features of the Little Red Campfire, such as its sturdy lid and security latches but also highlighted the added dimension our Fire Reflector brought to the overall camping experience. Whether you’re navigating campsites with fire restrictions or simply enhancing your patio or tailgating setup, this dynamic duo promises a mesmerizing and hassle-free campfire experience. At MC Ranch Overland, we’re thrilled to share the joy of outdoor living, one innovative product at a time.

Check out the video of Sam, reviewing The Little Red Campfire here: