Review of the Wrappon Green Toilet System

At MC Ranch Overland, our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility shines through in every product we endorse. In a recent YouTube video, our co-founder Mike gave a firsthand account of the transformative benefits of “The Wrappon Green,” a portable toilet that has become a premium feature in his Overlanding Toyota Tacoma setup. Mike shared insights into why he installed the Wrappon Green in his rig, emphasizing its compact and lightweight design, weighing approximately 12 kg. This anodized aluminum portable toilet uses a proprietary continuous roll of 5-layer film to hermetically seal waste and odors, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment with every flush.

Mike’s personal endorsement speaks volumes about the Wrappon’s practicality and reliability, as he regularly uses it during his overlanding adventures. The Wrappon Green has seamlessly integrated into his off-road lifestyle, providing a premium solution for waste management that is both efficient and environmentally conscious. The Wrappon Green is not just a product for convenience; it’s a testament to our dedication to offering premium, practical solutions that elevate the overlanding experience while respecting the great outdoors.