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We love the heat it reflects back and the glow it gives off to illuminate the sitting area around the fire.

Clint Goulet

We had a great experience with the @mcranchoverland original fire reflector! Such a great addition to our camp setup.

Overland Philosopher

We never go camping without our MC Ranch Overland Original Fire Reflector!….it truly makes a huge difference in the reflected heat, light, and a great wind blocker…

New Holland Overland
Michigan, USA, based Overlanding and vehicle outfitters company

The Original Fire Reflector … concentrates heat and light back onto the user … it helps conserve resources as wind is blocked and doesn’t burn the wood faster. Above all, it creates a sense of community by creating a space that people want to be around — where they talk, share stories, and create memories…

Anthony Sicola

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First on the Trail, First in Innovation

The Original Fire Reflector with Canadian and U.S. Patents.

Unparalleled Warmth, Unparalleled Design

The Original, Patended Fire Reflector – there’s only one way to feel this good outdoors.

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